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Shany Seawright, Managing Editor

Shany Seawright is Senior Vice President at Strategic Communications Group and Managing Director of The New Airspace. Seawright oversees the direction of the publication and manages the editorial staff. She also writes and edits other publications focused on the enterprise, federal, and military IT space.

Margaret Brown, Contributing Editor

Margaret Brown is a seasoned freelance writer and contributing editor, writing on various topics including cyber security, government IT, hyperconverged networks, aviation, solar and many others. In addition to her role on The New Airspace, she is co-creator of From our Perspective, a series of video interviews with elderly African Americans that highlight their experiences growing up in Loudoun County, Va.


Jackie Davis, Writer

Jackie is a writer for The New Airspace, along with several other publications. Her past experience includes B2B marketing, public relations and journalism. She currently writes about IT, finance, and military technology. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from LeMoyne College.





Kip Spurio, Contributor

Kip Spurio is the technology director, for the Transportation and Support Services (TSS) mission area of Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services business. As a regular contributor on The New Airspace, he offers insight into the latest solutions within the aviation industry from automation to the impact of new innovations within the airspace.

Brooks Cleveland, Contributor

Brooks Cleveland is vice president of Carrier Operations for the Cleveland Defense Group (CDG).  He has 19 years of U.S. Navy experience, with over 15 years and 2000 flight hours in the cockpit of the Navy’s front line fighter, the F/A-18 Hornet.  He offers insight into a range of issues, including  LSO community operations, specifically focusing on implementing Commander Naval Air Forces’ strategic vision and identifying future capabilities requirements, as well as F-35 integration and next-generation approach and landing systems. Brooks offers the pilot’s perspective on The New Airspace, as a regular contributor.

Michael Ball, Contributor

Michael Ball is a senior aviation leader and consultant with almost 50 years of government and industry experience in aviation and air traffic management operations, systems specification, solutions delivery, and strategic planning. As a former program manager for several Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs and former USAF Command Pilot, Mr. Ball offers a deep knowledge of federal government operations, specifically within the FAA. He is a member of the Air Traffic Control Association (Board of Directors and Publications Committee), the USAF Flight Checkers Association, and the Air Force Association.